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4.8 Stars - Based on 46 User Reviews
  • Mariça Rijksen AvatarMariça Rijksen

    Very cool, small bar owned by two equaly cool guys. Very relaxed atmosphere. They have the most extensive collection of original spirits I have ever seen! I tried a selection of different ‘Schnaps’ and loved it. Also loved their Old Fasioned en their own version of G&T! - 02 Aug 2019 

    Katie Stone AvatarKatie Stone

    Absolutely incredible experience! Such a unique bar and stellar service. We had a great time and tasted one of a kind spirits that you can't get anywhere else. I was shocked at how affordable it was because normally to get quality drinks and service like this you'd pay an arm and a leg. Truly something special and a must visit! - 15 Jul 2019 

    Christof Jaritz AvatarChristof Jaritz

    Doesn't get much better than this. Amazing artisan small batch sprits, a stylish and quiet bar and knowledgeable staff, who actually care about what they recommend. This place is awesome! - 08 Jul 2019 

    ivonne jaehrig Avatarivonne jaehrig

    Tolles Spirituosenangebot aus aller Welt, Raritäten und herzliche fachkundige Beratung von John... war ein Klasse Abend - 05 Jul 2019 

  • Juliane Zeuschner AvatarJuliane Zeuschner

    Amazing bar with great cocktails and spirits! Really, really worth it! Great advice on what drinks to get (sorry for my flaky descriptions on what I fancied), very knowledgeable and friendly service! - 05 Jul 2019 

    yann liqueur-salzedo Avataryann liqueur-salzedo

    Great experience, excellent gin(s). Friendly place.My advice : let the bartender guides you - 05 Jul 2019 

    Sam L AvatarSam L

    Ein verborgener Schatz - 05 Jun 2019 

    Stefan Bosnjakovic AvatarStefan Bosnjakovic

    850 Spirits vorrätig! - 05 Jun 2019 

  • D Lehmann AvatarD Lehmann

    Wir hatten an einer Morgenpost-Verkostung teilgenommen und waren sehr überrascht. Es war eine einzigartige Erfahrung. Sehr gutes Essen mit entsprechenden Getränken. Ich kann es nur empfehlen. - 05 Jun 2019 

    Mario Schacht AvatarMario Schacht

    Das Morgenpost-Menü war wirklich excellent. Das Tasting ist zu empfehlen. - 05 Jun 2019 

    Sarah Halm AvatarSarah Halm

    Schöne Bar mit einer interessanten Auswahl an Spirituosen. Freundlich und gemütlich! - 05 Jun 2019 

    Jochen Kieper AvatarJochen Kieper

    Sehr ungewöhnlich und sehr gut. Irre Auswahl an Craft Spirituosen und interessante Menü Aktion - 05 Jun 2019 

  • Maggie M AvatarMaggie M

    HUGE selection, great atmosphere, amazing drinks. - 05 May 2019 

    Judith Schneider AvatarJudith Schneider

    Most incredible bar experience I ever had. Best drinks plus personal atmosphere. - 05 May 2019 

    Klaus Himpsl-Gutermann AvatarKlaus Himpsl-Gutermann

    großartige, besondere Auswahl, schöne Bar, super Barkeeper - best of! - 05 Apr 2019 

    Dirk Sassen AvatarDirk Sassen

    You want to experience and taste drinks you never tried or even heard about? Come here. Rik and Jon will guide you through more than 800 bootles with their incredible knowledge. My new favourite ..... Mexilove made in Berlin! Spicy, tomato, tasty! - 05 Apr 2019 

  • Anantya Sahney AvatarAnantya Sahney

    Great people running the place - 05 Apr 2019 

    Ria Vaidya AvatarRia Vaidya

    Great ambience and service and cat photo - 05 Apr 2019 

    Mathias Sauerwein AvatarMathias Sauerwein

    Klein, aber fein. Da muss man mir Muse hin für feinen Sprit. Hier geht es nicht um die Mischung (Cocktails) sondern ums Pure, und das von kleinen ausgewählten Herstellern. Fündig wird man bei der Beratung sicher. Geheimtipp würd ich sagen - 05 Mar 2019 

    Carter B AvatarCarter B

    I was in Berlin for a few days and stopped by Beavis Bar the first night. I had the best Manhattan I’ve had in a while and had a chance to sample a couple other spirits. It was so good I decided to go back with a friend one more time before leaving. The second time I tried out the Gin & Tonic set and it was great. Along with that, the owners Jon and Rick are fun and they really helped explain the different spirits. Definitely stop by here if you’re in the area and want a nice drink! - 05 Mar 2019 

  • Ivan Levchenko AvatarIvan Levchenko

    Fantastic place to discover the most unique drinks and concoctions ! - 05 Feb 2019 

    Daniel Locke AvatarDaniel Locke

    Coole Idee, nette Betreiber, guter Service. Ein bisschen typisch Mitte, aber das lasse ich mal durchgehen (weil hier die Prolls vom Weinladen an der Ecke nicht herkommen, vor allem). - 05 Feb 2019 

    Jakob Hoffmann AvatarJakob Hoffmann

    came for a tasting of german spirits. great location, fantastic hosts + barmen, great drinks. would recommend this place to a friend. - 05 Dec 2018 

    Dirk Flandrich AvatarDirk Flandrich

    Absolute Highend Bar für Spiritousen und Drinks ohne Frucht. - 05 Nov 2018 

  • Michael M AvatarMichael M

    Eine große Auswahl von Spirituosen. Kann ich nur weiter empfehlen. - 05 Nov 2018 

    Grosses Horn AvatarGrosses Horn

    For your cheap Feierabendbier, go somewhere else!But if you look for the special stuff, and spirits you don‘t find anywhere, Beavis Bar is for you. Located in an area that certainly doesn’t lack good bars, this one stands out. More than 700 rarities, among them the a great selection of Japanese shochus, and always nice people from Berlin and around the world. The two knowledgeable owners can tell a story about each bottle... - 05 Nov 2018 

    Ilka Berlin AvatarIlka Berlin

    Meine neue Lieblings-Bar in Mitte mit einer exquisiten Auswahl an Craft Spirits. Tolles Ambiente, kompetente Beratung! Ein Ort zum Verweilen und Genießen. - 05 Nov 2018 

    Dirk Rot AvatarDirk Rot

    Schöne Bar - 05 Oct 2018